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The Persistent Voice, a diversity blog of Wartburg Seminary, had me write a piece about transracial parenting.  Read it here at “Black History and White Parenting.

Seminarian Lenny Duncan had me guest post on his blog, Formerly Unchurched, about white respectability politics and tone policing in anti racism work within the Church.  Read it here at “White Niceness as the Enemy of Black Liberation.

Reflections of a Birth Mother had me guest blog about my relationship to internet and social media as an adoptive parent.  Read it here at “Love Letter from this A-Mom to the Internet.

Pastor Clint Schnekloth had me guest blog at his blog, Lutheran Confessions, and I wrote about how anti-racism work needs to include more than diversity.  Read it here at “The Problem with Diversity as #ChurchGoals.

I wrote for #decolonizeLutheranism about consent culture here at “Decolonize Coffee Hour”

I wrote on Medium about Biphobia and the Pulse Massacre

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