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Come Face Us, You Coward!

This sermon was first preached via a virtual service on Zoom for The Park Church Coop. Relevant lectionary texts can be found here. Just before my 16th birthday, I got the horrible news that a close family member of mine had died tragically. After a pretty sleepless night, I traveled with my mom to Illinois […]

A King Who Suffers

This sermon was first preached to Faith Lutheran Church and to Gustavus Adolphus College on Sunday, November 22, 2020 for Reign of Christ Sunday. Relevant lectionary readings here. It is the year 1925. The trauma of World War One – the war to end all wars – is still in recent memory, ending only seven […]


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Mass Incarceration Teach-In

This story was originally told for a Seminarians for Justice teach-in on mass incarceration, bail reform, and racial capitalism on September 20, 2018. “You need to get out of here, ma’am,” the voice said behind the mask, armor, and shield, extending a level of politeness in acknowledging me that had been absent when addressing my […]

Ferguson October Testimony

This piece was given in Augustana Chapel at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago on September 20, 2018. It was part of a larger service of testimony kicking off a campaign against mass incarceration and specifically, bail bond reform. This testimony piece is dedicated to Michael Brown.  We won’t forget you. Relevant Readings: Psalm […]


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New to Elle’s work? Here’s a few posts from her Medium account to get to know her ministry and voice.

Pastor Elle, her husband Adam and her daughter smiles at the camera. Elle and Adam are white and have brown hair. Her daughter is Black and has black hair. All three are smiling.

Biphobia and the Pulse Massacre

Being a bi woman means occupying a lot of weird liminal space. In that way we are very queer….we don’t fit well into boxes. But the horrible thing about “passing privilege” is the closeting, the erasure.

White Niceness is the Enemy of Black Liberation

We cannot serve our own comfort when it sacrifices the lives of our neighbors.


I’ve experienced too much sexual harassment within the Church, too much slut shaming, too much queer bashing. No one is entitled to another persons body. Not even the Church.

Jesus and Black Lace Lingerie

A pastor-in-training stripping down to her skivvies for a photoshoot seems like a glaring contradiction. But it shouldn’t be. Christianity, at its core, is a religion about bodies.